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Welcome to mozilla kerala

We are a non-profit fighting
to protect the web we all love

Mozilla Kerala is a regional community under the global non-profit organization, Mozilla that is founded on the roots of Free & Open Source Software. Mozilla works to promote & develop the web and to make it a better place to be.

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mozilla kerala

A bunch of young people who had similar interests and were working to promote and develop the web came together to achieve the common ambition of Mozilla - and that is how Mozilla Kerala was born.

Mozilla Kerala was formed after the first Community Meetup on September 8, 2013 with the motive of promoting the web and the mission of Mozilla to the Keralite masses. Since then, Mozilla Kerala has been progressing tremendously towards achieveing that goal. Mozilla Kerala has been organizing many events throughout the state of Kerala. Mozilla Kerala associates with anything related to the web. We aim to let the whole state and the country and the entire world know the importance of a free and open web, online privacy and other things that matter to an online user through our activities.



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" In real Open-Source, you have the right to control your destiny. "

Linus Torvalds / Linux Foundation

"Open Source is a development methodolgy, free software is a social movement. "

Richard Stallman / President, Free Software Foundation

" I think, fundamentally, open source does tend to be more stable software. It’s the right way to do things. "

Linus Torvalds / Linux Foundation


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Mozilla Global Sprint 2018

Mozilla’s Global Sprint is a fun, two-day collaborative hackathon. A diverse network of educators, engineers, artists, scienti...

Days to go. Stay tuned!

mozilla Kerala Regional Sprint